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Creation Communities Inc the parent company of “Homes By Creation” focus is on designing and developing master planned residential communities through Alberta. Homes By Creation con-structs homes on the lots produced by the development division. Each lot and home is sized to meet market demand for entry level to move up homes.

Quality, and value oriented builder
Jens Birkkjaer
Karugia Ndirangu
Aman Singh
Amazing showhome in Leduc!!
Shiloh Sheridan
God help you if this company is building in your area. I have had construction/trade/cement trucks blocking my driveway consistently, sometimes it is every day for weeks on end, like I am dealing with right now. Sometimes I come home I can’t even get in my driveway and have to wait until someone notices and moves. I am cleaning up shingles and plastic insulation wrap and cardboard and Tim hortons cups from my front and back yard constantly. The stress these builders have caused me this year is insane. Woke up to see my driveway is blocked, again. No one on the phone is helpful. Hate this company. Hate hate hate them.
Jessica Jean
My husband and I are building in Bella Vista which is located in Innisfail. We love the concept of the new community and a builder who is willing to listen to our needs. So far Myles and Lisa have been very accommodating. Our home is a design that we brought to Homes by Creation and Myles has been instrumental in working on our dream home. Lisa has recently joined the Homes by Creation team and is a pleasure to work with along side Myles. We are looking forward to the completion of our home and joining the community. We are also looking forward to watching the community grow. Very friendly neighborhood with a nice pond and paved walking paths that compliment Bella Vista.
Karen Heffley
The trades they use are poor quality. The plumbing rough in is absolutely disgusting quality, and same with the HVAC installs. Homes by creation needs to take time and responsibility to review there sub trades work. I would honestly avoid this builder as they have no pride in building there homes. Will be submitting pictures to validate my claims.
Joe Go
Terrible builder.. extremely poor quality.. bought a house in crossfield and it has to be renovated.. you expect much more when you spend hundreds of thousands of dollars.. the trades they use are Terrible
Cam Jibb
Stay away, if you are building in Crossfield use another builder! The incompetence of this company has been jaw dropping. From the head office down the chain every step has been filled with mistakes and terrible workman ship. Wrong blue prints given to the trades, hvac installed in the wrong part of the home, water running in basement windows because of unfinished grade, leaking walls, lights installed in the wrong spot, paint coming off walls because they were not primed properly, poor cement work, wrong tile installed in bathrooms etc etc. Granted, their is always a few bumps in a new build but sending the same incompetent trades back repeatedly to fix their inferior work is an exercise in futility. My wife and I have spent countless hours monitoring their trades and in some cases showing them how to do their job. The lack of competent onsite supervision has cost us hours of our time and a lot of money out of our pockets. I have paid my plumber and hvac guy that’s developing our basement to clean up some of the builders poor work, you will get that frustrated. If you are looking in Iron Landing, just about anyone in this area would be happy to discuss our experience with you before you make a choice.
David Rattray
My wife and I purchased our first home with Creation and moved in this year. The design process was seamless working with the home building team and we got great value for the home compared to other communities and builders we looked at. Friends and family love the house!
Aman Singh
I purchased my first house with Creation this summer! I get endless compliments on the design of the house. It was a seamless process, they went above and beyond to ensure the house met my expectations. I would recommend them to my family and friends.
Nisha G